LTG (R) Bob Wood, USA, Chief Executive Officer AVV

Bob Wood is the Chief Executive Officer for American Veterans Vote, a Veteran based advocacy group oriented on encouraging Veterans to understand and use their collective political voice.  Prior to […]

Dr. Michael Hoyes, USAF, AVV Chaplain

Michael has over 45 years’ experience (30 active-duty Air Force) in military operations with a full spectrum of experience as an aviator, instructor, operational test and evaluation member, flight examiner, […]

Dr. Arch Turner, Director of Data and Integration

Arch Turner is a former Naval Aviator, with over fifty years of service in national security.  Arch spent fourteen years flying carrier-based attack aircraft, and after retiring from the Navy, […]

Rich Eagan, Director of Regional Operations

Rich Eagan retired in 1993, after a more than 25-year career in the US Army. He served as a tracked vehicle mechanic and progressed to Repair Control Supervisor in non-divisional […]