Virginia is in Play

From the CEO 

“Virginia is in play!”  WELCOME words spoken by GOP leaders at the GOP Spring Retreat in Florida this last weekend.  I had been invited to attend this planning meeting and I took every advantage to promote, educate, and advocate for the Veteran vote. The specifics and rationale had much to do with polling, state leadership, and voter sentiments around major issues.  Not described is the hidden and potential power of 700+K Veteran votes in Virginia.  American Veterans Vote is working hard this spring to inform and mobilize our members, our Veteran supporters, and those who can ally with us to help put Virginia in play.  My trip to Florida was just one initiative.  On 28 and 30 April, AVV hosted Veteran forums to both identify key issues for Veterans and encourage voter turnout.  At least two more Veteran forums are planned, one on 22 June in Spotsylvania and one on 28 September in NOVA.  Presidential election years always produce large voter turnout.   Veteran turnout in 2020 was close to 80%.  But 20% still stayed home.  This 20% represents more than 100K Veteran votes.  Make it your goal to help motivate “low propensity voters” to become “highly motivated voters.”