Veterans – It is more critical than ever that your voice is heard. Your VOTE counts. Please visit our VETS2VOTE Page for more details if you need to register or where to vote.

“We Speak As Veterans, Not For Veterans”

On active duty, we all consciously served beyond politics as we swore an oath to Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States, not a party or a political leader. Now as citizens and Veterans, all members of AVV understand the urgency to step forward once again in Service. We believe the oath we took did not end with our departure from military service but continues through today.  We also welcome all our Veteran Supporters who have joined us!

Our nation struggles to keep our constitutional republic intact, heal and unite communities, and restore love and respect for our great nation and people.  We seek change through the ballot box.  Every Veteran, Every Vote has tremendous collective power in the unity of our voice, action, and VOTES.


Your Task

Join AVV and Virginia Veterans to Vote, Volunteer, or Lead.

Your mission


Make Your Voice Heard At the Ballot Box.

Your Purpose


Continue Your Service – Join Our Mission.

"Did You Know?"

Virginia is a Veteran State


On average, ONLY 55% of Virginia Veterans Regularly Vote in Local, State & Federal Elections.


Virginia has 700,000 veterans PLUS many more household members

1 IN 12

In Virginia, 1 in 12 Virginians is a Veteran (approx. 714,000).

2nd Per cap

Virginia has the 2nd largest number of women veterans per capita.

#1 Under 39

Virginia has the largest number of veterans under the age of 39. 


With over 27 military bases and countless Gov't facilities, Virginia IS ABOUT National Security

4 OF 5

Virginia is home for 4 of the 5 largest Defense Contractors


Virginia has the largest number of veterans in the government workforce.

4 of 5 Cities

Virginia has 4 of the top 5 ranked cities for Veterans

3 Soon 4

Veteran CARE centers in Roanoke, Richmond, Virginia Beach, and soon Fauquier County


VA benefits administration facilities in 34 locations in Virginia.

3 + 18

3 VA hospitals, 18 VA Outpatient Clinics

Win elections and promote change

at local, state, and national levels by delivering every Veteran, every vote to the ballot box.


We are a group of Veterans and like-minded supporters who, while in the Service, focused on the mission, and not politics. But after serving, we soon realized our values and interests were often poorly represented by elected leaders. We banded together to do something about it!

We established American Veterans Vote to act collectively as Veterans and Veteran Supporters to promote change with our significant number of votes through the ballot box!  

We believe that Veterans are problem solvers by nature and believe in the power of teamwork.  If a tough job needs to get done, Veterans typically step forward to volunteer and act!

The military is a leadership clinic from day one.  As Veterans, we recognize good and poor leadership.  We already lead in many aspects of community life.  We believe the political space also needs the talents of Veteran leaders!    


Are you a proud veteran who

believes in the
power of democracy?

It’s time to unite and make our voices heard!  You’ve served before.  The mission continues!

Join our growing veterans community advocating for the policies, candidates, and campaigns that advance our goals, honor our service, and strengthen our nation.