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Are you a proud veteran who believes in the power of democracy?


American Veterans Vote welcomes all who wish to join our organization. Veterans have a powerful voice when united and actively engaged.  Thank you for your interest in joining American Veterans Vote (AVV).  We value the talents and perspectives you may bring to our organization.  Please join us in our cause to build the collective political power of Veterans, protect a nation at risk, and promote vital changes through the ballot box.  As a member, you can help AVV achieve such changes at local, state, and national level by ensuring Every Veteran, Every Vote gets to the ballot box!  

It’s time to unite as Veterans and use the power of our collective votes to produce vital change through the ballot box!  Politics may not be our favored space but times demand us to adapt, adjust, and overcome.  Democracy is not a birthright – it must be cherished and protected. 

Join our vibrant veteran community using the power of teamwork, mutual respect, and Veteran skills to help WIN the election of leaders whose policies and actions support Veterans, our Constitution and our Security.

We have repeatedly proven this power by acting in concert, rallying veteran votes in key races, and determining close election outcomes.  Our team’s reputation for high standards, superior planning and agile execution continues to build.  

But we need YOU!  Your ideas, energy, and support power our efforts across election cycles.  We are volunteers, hundreds strong when necessary, with common purpose, not skilled politicians!  Veterans are problem solvers by nature.  Our ethos was, is, and will be Service.    

Don’t let this moment slip away; the nation needs you, now more than ever. 🇺🇸 Join us in this inspiring journey. Together, we’ll forge a path for this expanding Veteran force for change!

Here's how you can get involved:

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