“Our mission is to mobilize the political power of Veterans and Veteran Supporters to Defend the Constitution as written and amended, Strengthen the nation’s security at home and abroad, and Support Veterans, Service members, and their families. We can only do this by ensuring every Veteran votes and every Veteran vote is counted.  Our motto therefore is Every Veteran, Every Vote!

Bob Wood, CEO AVV

Virginia elections historically see low voter turnout.  That’s good news for Veteran voters.  Low turnout magnifies the potential strength of our formidable numbers in Virginia elections ahead.  With today’s very tight election battles, we don’t need to overwhelm. We promote victory by adding new votes at the margin of close races. And every election in Virginia will be close.

Remarkably approx 230K+ registered Veteran voters typically don’t vote in Virginia.  Within the ranks of Veterans and Veteran supporters are the votes that can make the decisive difference at the Ballot Box. 


You have served in the armed forces to protect and defend the principles of democracy including, importantly, the right to vote.  Registering to vote is obviously Step one.  But deciding to vote early, whether absentee or in person, is equally important.  As a Veteran, you can then participate in activities designed to encourage others to actively participate in the democratic process to uphold the values you defended, safeguard the integrity of our system and honor the sacrifices veterans have made to protect our democracy.  Don’t wait for the fourth quarter on Election Day to get in the game.  Absentee and Early Voting is a winning strategy!

REGISTER to vote NOW if you haven’t already.

Efforts are made at the federal and state levels to encourage and facilitate voter registration for all eligible citizens, including veterans. Outreach campaigns, voter registration drives, and laws protecting the voting rights of military personnel are some of the ways that governments work to ensure veterans have the opportunity to exercise their right to vote.

JOIN the PERMANENT absentee list and make plans to VOTE EARLY by mail or in person.

The permanent absentee list, often referred to as a permanent absentee voter list or permanent mail-in voter list, is a voter registration option available in many states in the United States including Virginia. Being on this list means that you will automatically receive a mail-in or absentee ballot for every election in which you are eligible to vote. This option is designed to make the absentee voting process more convenient for eligible voters. These requirements may include being a registered voter and meeting certain criteria, such as age or disability, that allow you to vote by mail.

In Virginia – as a registered voter, becoming a permanent absentee voter is as easy as checking a box on your application to vote absentee. If it’s the first time voting absentee after registering to vote, additional identity verification is required.



Elections start quickly.  Virginia primary elections dates in 2024 are 3/05 for President and 6/18 for *Congressional seats (*Date dependent on party decisions on Primary vice Convention choice).  General election day for both is 11/05.

Early voting for elections in Virginia begins 45 days before both the primary and general election day.

If you have chosen to vote absentee, you will be mailed a listing of candidates when early voting begins.  If you chose to vote early and in person, you can vote at your local election office or other designated early voting site.  Visit the Virginia Voter information portal for further information or if you have questions. 

EVERYTHING you need is here.

We have collected the relevant resources so this page can serve as your one stop shop for any question you might have about voting.

election FAQ

Why Should I Sign Up to vote Absentee?

Requesting an absentee ballot no longer requires a reason or excuse in Virginia.  You can sign up to receive an absentee ballot annually or you can request to permanently receive an absentee ballot.  Additional benefits include:


  1. Assurance:  Absentee voting remains the best way to assure voters away from their voting district can still participate in this important civic event.  This is especially true for our Service members who may be deployed outside the U.S. or stationed away from home.
  2. Convenience: One of the primary advantages is the convenience it provides. By being on an absentee ballot list, you will automatically receive a mail-in ballot for every election in which you are eligible to vote. This means you don’t have to worry about visiting a polling place in person, potentially saving you time and effort.
  3. Flexibility: Absentee voting allows you to vote at your own pace. You can complete your ballot at your convenience and return it by mail or in person by the designated deadline, giving you more time to research candidates and issues.
  4. Avoiding Crowds and Long Lines: During busy election days, polling places can become crowded, leading to long wait times. With a mail-in ballot, you can avoid these crowds and vote from the comfort of your own home.
  5. Accessibility: Absentee voting is often more accessible for individuals with disabilities or those who may have difficulty accessing traditional polling places. You can take your time to complete the ballot and seek assistance if needed.
  6. Increased Voter Participation: By making it easier for eligible voters to cast their ballots, permanent absentee lists can help boost voter turnout. This is especially beneficial in encouraging participation among individuals who may have difficulty getting to a polling place on Election Day.
  7. Consistency: Being on a permanent absentee list ensures that you won’t forget to request a mail-in ballot for each election. It provides a consistent and reliable way to participate in the electoral process.
  8. Safety During Emergencies: In times of emergencies, such as a pandemic or natural disaster, mail-in voting can be a safer option as it reduces the need for in-person contact and helps maintain social distancing.
  9. Peace of Mind: By having your ballot mailed to you, you can review it thoroughly and take your time to make informed choices. This can provide peace of mind that your vote accurately reflects your preferences.