American Veterans Vote proudly endorses candidates for public office in Virginia based on a review of candidate platforms, responses to an AVV questionnaire, an AVV interview, or a combination of all four sources.  You do not have to be a Veteran to receive our endorsement. 

Following our internal review, AVV invites candidates to participate in our formal endorsement process.  Any candidate can request to be considered for AVV endorsement.  All submissions or statements received during this process are considered private correspondence and will not be published by AVV.

We do not endorse candidates for state or federal office before completion of state or federal primaries.  For candidates running for elected office who do not have a state or federal primary (e.g. school board, sheriff, etc.) we will consider endorsement based on a nomination on their behalf received from AVV regional leadership. 

AVV candidate endorsements for all candidates typically occurs shortly after the completion of primaries. AVV publishes our endorsement in the press, on social media, and our own website.  Once endorsements are announced, we allow publication of our logo and our endorsement statement in candidate media. 

As an endorsed AVV candidate, we will provide GOTV support to the extent of our resources in compliance with appropriate legal guidelines regarding allowable coordination and both monetary and in-kind donations.

Endorsed Candidates