Current Newsletter

Our Strategic Goals

  • Support Veterans and their Families
  • Defend our Constitution as Written and Amended
  • Protect the Nation at Home and Abroad

Current Newsletter

I Say Again

Newsletter Key Takeaways

  • Virginia is the key Swing state in this year’s election and Veterans can play a vital part to win at the ballot box.
  •  AVV and our members continue to grow in numbers and collective strength.  The AVV enterprise is already preparing through planning, tool improvements, and data development for the tough, important year ahead.
  • Veterans are concentrated in the three swing Congressional districts (3CD, 7CD, and 10CD) where victory margins will be close and consequences great.
  • In a Presidential and Senate election year, turnout across the state will be high.  There are 8-10 key counties of 134 counties in Virginia.  These same 8-10 counties almost exactly coincide with where most of our active duty and veterans live and vote.
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The Decisive Edge - Early and Absentee Voting

Use the QR codes to:

  • Register to vote
  • Request an absentee ballot
  • Track your ballot

It’s a fact …early mail-in voters decide the elections.

American Veterans Vote, Inc. (AVV) is a volunteer team of Veterans and Veteran supporters based in Virginia. We are a 527 Political Action Committee with a nationally-focused mission to mobilize the political power of Veterans and mission partners in support of our three strategic goals:

  • Support of Veterans and their Families
  • Defense of the Constitution as written and amended
  • Promote Our Nation’s Security at home and abroad

AVV’s goal is to help Veterans maximize their political power by supporting Veterans’ ability to Vote, Volunteer and Lead and achieve change through the ballot box.

“Every Veteran, Every Vote.” We don’t speak FOR Veterans… we speak AS Veterans.